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Force Fest 2005

I am taking the liberty to post the results of the Force Fest 2005.

*Quiz:Needless to say our team came first in quiz.We were leading by a huge margin of 120:75.Hats off to Roshan.He was brilliant.I take no credit for myself...Even with the questions that I knew ,before I could gather my thoughts and open my mouth he would be ready with the answers.I did learn a lot though..That quiz was like an insight into the mind of a quizzer and how its supposed to work.Now I know what are the areas I need to build upoun.

*Crossword: Alas.. we couldn't make it to the finals.The scedule was totally screwed up with Programming and S/W display clashing with Quiz and Crossword.By the time Roshan dashed off the questions for quiz and did the programming,He and Ankur were left with 2o minutes to solve the crossword..:-(

*Digital Imaging:Didn't make it.None of the people willing to go to this event had the required level of expertise in Photoshop.

*WebD:Didn't make it.Appearently Shakti and Prashanth who went for this event got to the venue an hour late 'cause they didn't know the event had started

*Cartoon Making:Two 7thies Puneet and some other guy came third in cartoon making :-) This was pretty talent coming in.

*Flash:This event was for me a total fiasco.We had to make an animated intro of a F1 racing team(I have very little knowledge in this field.).Me and Prashant had a err.. clash of ideologies.I wanted a sleek greyscale look with minimalistic use of graphics while Prashanth wanted that bright yellow sky-Lime green grass-smiling faces look with comic sans font.When we finally settled for an idea it totally backfired (Realised that what I was trying to achieve would take a some amount of brainy scripting or a well planned strategy or some peace and quiet..which certainly could not be achieved in 25 minutes.)Then again started from scratch and believe me whatever productive work we did was in the last 15 minutes.Anyway..

*Cadet Quiz:Didn't make it to the finals.We really should work on getting the juniors prepared in the field of quizes,graphics and stuff.

*Gaming:We didn't make it to the finals.According to Shakti his computer crashed when he was leading and hence he fell back :-(

*Got a few ideas for our symposium after visiting this one.Can't write it here though :-)


At 2:28 AM, October 27, 2005, Blogger Ayush Gupta said...

Damn. Looks like FF sucked for us, without the presence of most of our senior team. Anyway, it must have been a good experience for the juniors.

At 6:05 AM, October 27, 2005, Blogger Siddharth Razdan said...

Definitely it was :-)


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